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masterbuild: fix warnings about implicit declarationsVincent Bernat2 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  udpproxy-0.2.tar.gz  Vincent Bernat3 years  udpproxy-0.1.tar.gz  Vincent Bernat7 years
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2015-12-02build: fix warnings about implicit declarationsHEADmasterVincent Bernat
2015-03-05build: prefix notice and errors with starsVincent Bernat
2015-01-02udpproxy doesn't daemonize, fix the documentation.Vincent Bernat
2015-01-02Switch to silent automake rules.Vincent Bernat
2015-01-02Everything is on GitHub, don't mention cgit.Vincent Bernat
2015-01-02Add `autoreconf -i` to READMEVincent Bernat
2014-10-04Fix warning about incorrect type for payload.Vincent Bernat
2014-10-04Add a gitignore file.Vincent Bernat
2014-10-04Allow large UDP packets by disabling PMTU discovery.Vincent Bernat
2012-10-18Prepare to release 0.20.2Vincent Bernat